Database Management

Be strategic not administrative
How much time and management staff do you actually dedicate to maintaining and optimizing your critical databases? Now, you businesses can move the administrative burden to nFusion. Our certified database administrators will take on the day-to-day tasks that must be done in order to protect and maximize your information assets, allowing you to focus on strategic projects.

Monitoring, metrics and more
With the nFusion Database Management Services, you benefit from our experience in managing and supporting databases for hundreds of clients. With this solution, you can:

• Free up valuable IT resources to focus on application development and strategic projects by having nFusion manage and monitor your database systems
• Optimize the performance of your database through maintenance automation, tuning, database upgrades and file system monitoring
• Access Metrics through a web-based portal to stay on top of system and database performance
• Ensure data security through patches and security updates
• Receive support provided by a team of experienced nFusion database administrators

A full range of database management packages and services
nFusion offers three levels of packages for you to choose from. Each is available for the four database systems we support: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL.

Additional services include:
Database replication
Database standby
Database Mirroring
Database clustering

Maintaining a competitive edge means that information should be available and reliable at all times and this implies that your Database should be up and running on a 24 x 7 basis in an optimum manner. The task of keeping your databases dynamic and accessible 24/7 requires a responsive team of experts and specialty tools, who can operate at and react to any given condition. All Databases require ongoing fine tuning to ensure that they are performing at their best. If you do not have a monitoring system in place then your database might not be running optimally. Database stability and reliability is the most important factor in any company's or e-business success. And you can't afford database downtime.

nFusion provides highly specialized and cost-efficient Remote DBA services to clients who would rather leave database issues to the experts. With Our Database Management and Support services you can be assured that your database is safe and monitored, by qualified and experienced professionals who have been trusted by some of the world largest corporations. In addition to this our Partnerships with Oracle and Microsoft gives us the added advantage, and all this put together ensures that you have the best Database Managers taking care of your databases.

Outsourcing often addresses the needs of database management at the fraction of the cost of an in-house team of developers and DBAs. Outsourcing also comes with the following benefits:

»     Round-the-clock availability of professional support
»     Efficient database monitoring and analysis
»     Proactive troubleshooting to solve problems before they affect end users
»     Non-biased accounting of your server resources and how are they properly utilized

Advantages of Remote Database Management Services:

nFusion provides a dedicated staff of remote technical specialists to work in a 24/7/365 environment to handle proactive monitoring and administration of our client’s systems, applications and databases. This can include, but is not limited to:

»     Real Time 24 x 7 Technical Support           »     Security Patches
»     Systems Planning and Architecture            »     Proactive Performance and Tuning
»     Regular database maintenance                  »     Emergency Bug Fixes
»     Performance optimization                         »     Crisis Mitigation
»     Capacity Planning                                    »     Backup and Restore Services
»     Upgrade New Products/Releases               »     Installation/Upgrade
»     Proactive Performance and Maintenance Monitoring

Some of the major benefits of Remote Database Management Services includes the following:

»     Remote monitoring, notification, reporting              »     Single source for database support
»     Around-the-clock assistance                                  »     Rapid problem resolution
»     Increased management insight                              »     Increased user satisfaction
»     Highest Quality and cost effective support              »     Support for all major database platforms
»     Available support 24 hours a day.                           »     Efficient growth/downsizing model
»     Reduced costs with all-inclusive fixed price            
»     Fast detection, analysis and correction of problems
»     Increased uptime with proactive and preventative maintenance
»     Your database is evaluated against industry best practices

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