Internet Marketing Services

It's time for a whole new approach.

We call it Relationship Advertising, from nFusion. Transform every ad impression into a one-to-one customer engagement. Recognize your customers and prospects in real time, and deliver the most relevant message possible – wherever you advertise.

Increase sales and reduce waste. Marketers know 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers, so stop broadcasting banners blindly. Recognize who is viewing your ad and respond instantly. The bottom line is…we’ll significantly improve yours.

Double the performance of your media dollar!

Make every display ad a one-to-one engagement, delivering the insight, lift and control of direct marketing. We’re so confident we can double the performance of your display media, we guarantee it.

We at nFusion leverage our mix of creative Internet marketing skills to deliver marketing solutions that communicate, brand and convert.

nFusion's marketing mix combines technical expertise with keen marketing insights for leveraging consumer behavior. The Internet marketing scene is highly competitive; nFusion focus is driven to connect potential customers to businesses for products and services they are seeking.

nFusion's Search Engine Marketing services is a suite of consultative and implementation strategies which assist a company to first understand the search engine marketability of their website, second to increase a site's visibility and natural ranking on the search engines, third to drive traffic and convert through sponsored ad campaigns and finally to measure and monitor the effectiveness and ROI of the online marketing strategies we implement.

We offer a broad range of advertising solutions to maximise the impact and effectiveness of your campaigns. Follow the link for further information on:

• Behavioural targeting
• Surround sessions
• Online sponsorship
• Microsites
• Podcasts/audio
• Online Video
• Time of day targeting and much much more

Our One Stop Shop Internet Marketing Services  Include:

* Paid Search Management (PPC): Pay-Per-Click, paid search marketing is an outstanding advertising tool utilized to generate immediate traffic and increase sales leads.
* Natural Search Engine Optimization Plan (SEO): Ensure a website is fully visible on the major search engines in response to specific consumer search terms and keywords.
* Social Media Marketing Campaign: Take advantage of the world of social media to create a buzz and spread the word about your products and services.

* E-mail/E-newsletter Marketing: Sent legitimate E-mail or E-newsletter to the potential or the current customers.
* Display and Banner Ads: Take advantage of advertising on targeted websites for invaluable branding and lead generation.
* Web Analytics: Find out where your browsers are going, what they are doing and evaluate their behavior to gain the competitive edge. Leverage your website's analytics to maximize your ROI!


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