Comprehensive streaming solutions, advice and consultancy

* Streaming Media Hosting
* Live Event Streaming
* Online TV & Radio
* Secure Streaming
* Encoding / Transcoding Services
* Flash, WMV, H.264 ...

Stream now, stream easily and get overall control over the process. No need to depend on video on demand service providers when you can do everything in-house.

Whether you are interested in real-time streaming or downloading, nFusion's Streaming Solutions come right into the picture.

Our team is composed of media experts, user experience strategists, project managers, art directors, graphic designers, Flash and HTML integrators as well as developers who constantly work on innovative features and products.


This team has a proven track record in developing streaming strategies for all sorts of broadcasters, markets and languages.

We make it our mission to continuously improve your online strategy to increase your brand stickiness and the value of your advertising offer.

Professional services methodology:



  • Strategic analysis

    Any serious project begins with a plan. At nFusion we offer you a very flexible approach to establish such a plan - from a fast-track analysis to a wide-ranging study of your current situation.

  • Solution proposal

    Whether you come to us with a clearly defined strategy or you ask our advice in defining a project, we will deliver a solution that brings you a competitive edge and tangible results. You can rely on our team’s technical mastery and out-of-the-box creativity to translate your business requirements into a custom project definition. Every client is unique, and so is every project.

  • Solution development

    Our project management office and development team will assist you in setting up the optimal conditions for project delivery.

    You will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will be your single point of contact throughout the project. The PM will work closely with you, reviewing each deliverable and keeping you up to date on progress throughout the life cycle of the entire project.

  • Support, training and monitoring

    We favor continuous improvement and a proactive approach in terms of customer service. We monitor our client’s strategy performance and always come up with innovative ways to improve results and generate new opportunities.

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